LUSAKA, 21 December 2020 – The mayor of Lusaka, Zambia’s capital, will have to be happy with only 300 guests attending his wedding feast next December 26.

Mayor Miles Sampa had booked the 10,000 seater Lusaka’s Woodlands Stadium and issued an open invitation to Zambians prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Zambian public health authorities on Monday said the smaller number of attendees will ensure that the wedding is organized in a way that adheres to COVID-19 regulations.

Mayor Miles Sampa and Fiancee on Twitter

Local companies and well wishes have been contributing to pay for the lavish wedding feast which many Zambians had dubbed the “wedding of the year”.

Sampa has said the funds donated will be used to pay venue fees charged by the Lusaka Woodlands Stadium.

The mayor says donated foodstuffs will be given to Lusaka residents, even if it means sending “packed lunch boxes to their homes”.

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