HARARE, 15 January 2021 – Prominent Zimbabwean journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, who was arrested last week Friday for reportedly publishing a “fake” story was denied bail Thursday.

Chin’ono remained in custody Friday.

The strop he is accused of disseminating was, in fact, a retweet by him of a video gone viral on social media.

Free Chin'ono Campaign on Twitter

Free Chin’ono Campaign on Twitter

The video alleges that a policeman had beaten a baby to death.

Police have said the story is not true.

On Thursday, the High Court in Harare ruled that Chin’ono could not be released because the court feared that he would commit other offense if set free.

Chin’ono is a well known critic of the government.

He was held in a jail for a month last year awaiting the granting of bail.

Chin’ono awaits charges for two other stories he wrote and for which he was arrested last July and November.

Press freedom advocates and Chin’ono himself have said the only reason he is targeted is because he is critical of Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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