HARARE, 1 February 2021 – Four Zimbabwean cabinet ministers have been sanctioned by the British government for their alleged roles in human rights violations.

The four are Zimbabwe’s State Security Minister Owmen Ncube, the head of police, a former leader of the presidential guard leader and the boss of Zimbabwe’s intelligence service.

Owmen Ncube - Photo New Zimbabwe.com

Owmen Ncube – Photo New Zimbabwe.com

The four have had any assets they own in the UK frozen and they are banned from visiting.

The British government said the violations included the killing of protesters in post-election violence in 2018 and during the riots that followed in January 2019.

A spokesperson for the Zimbabwean government, Nick Mangwana, tried to make light of the sanctions, saying in a tweet that the officials neither have assets in the UK nor intend to visit.

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